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April Circelau (Photo by Cyson Madison)

Centrical, an AI-based cloud cloud software company that has built an employee-centric success platform and increased its involvement that currently serves over 150 Fortune 2000 organizations worldwide, announced today (Tuesday) that it has appointed April Cricello, until recently Global Vice President and Marketing Director of SAP SuccessFactors, to the Company’s VP of Marketing (CMO).

April will lead Centrical’s rapidly growing global marketing team and will be responsible for defining the brand’s global strategy, overseeing the process and deployment, as well as communications, demand creation, product marketing initiatives, partners and customers to increase Centric’s awareness as a leading platform provider. In addition to leading Central’s accelerated expansion into new markets, including new vertical geographies, April will lead the company’s digital marketing transformation as well as cross-function marketing activities, while taking joint responsibility for customer acquisition, deepening and customer retention.

“As part of our aggressive expansion strategy and move to rebuild work patterns with customers, we were looking for a world-class marketing manager with experience in building a category, with proven experience in growth-oriented marketing worth hundreds of millions of dollars – and these are exactly the characteristics that April brings to Central,” he said. Gal Rimon, “We are striving to expand our influence and improve employee performance, success and personal and professional growth – just as we have done for Microsoft, British Telecom, Novartis and many other customers – and no doubt April will help us expand our success.”

Prior to joining Centricle, April served as Global Vice President and Marketing Manager of SAP SuccessFactors, a Human Experience Management Solutions Basket (HXM), a platform that integrates Centricel’s solution as an authorized SAP partner. In this role, April led strategic marketing programs designed to strengthen the brand worldwide, increase revenue and customer success, as well as create the HXM category – which, like the Central platform – focuses on technological innovations that put employees at the center of work.

“This is an ideal and exciting time in the field of employee success and involvement and that’s why I’m so excited to join Central that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to help people thrive in their work, with a level of effectiveness never seen before,” she said. April. “Trends like grinding, digitization and models of hybrid work are now coalescing around the world, disrupting the work environment and redefining employee and employer expectations and this is the best time for a company like Central to make its mark. I look forward to collaborating soon with our customers, partners and community around the world. To unleash the full potential of employee performance and their involvement in the work environment. ”

Centrical has built an Employee-Centric Success Platform that currently serves over 150 large organizations worldwide. It places the employee at the center of business success, connects him to the organization’s goals and personal goals and provides him with a complete and synergistic range of customized services and AI terms, which guide him to success in his tasks, including performance and goal management tools, real-time tracking and custom learning tools. For employee control and support. The experience is accessible in a gamification environment in the spirit of Generation Y and Z that enhances motivation through encouragement, public cheering, teamwork, friendly competitions and even prizes and gifts.

Central has offices in Raanana, New York and London. Its customers include global companies, including Office Depot, British Telecom, Verizon, IBM, Microsoft, Novartis, BMW and many more.

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