thunderstorms with local hailstorms. Bad weather is back –

After today’s stable and exceptionally hot phase over Italy thanks to the North African anticyclone (and in Europe red alert for the hottest March in history), with temperatures up to 10-11 degrees above the norm in the north and in Tuscany and generalized good weather everywhere, the turning point around the corner. As early as tomorrow there will be an irruption of winds from Bora and Grecale, in the afternoon the climate will worsen in the Center with thunderstorms and hail, and showers will also occur in Emilia Romagna. During the Easter weekend there will be more unstable weather, some rain and a drop in temperature and after Easter Monday the weather situation will evolve further with the return to winter conditions. Here are the weather forecasts for tomorrow according to the experts of


Tomorrow morning characterized by clear or partly cloudy skies over all regions. During the afternoon the clouds are increasing on the Triveneto reliefs and generally in the Northeast, even with some brief showers on the mountains, occasional even in the plains, especially in Emilia Romagna. The temperatures? The maximum expected values ​​range from 16 C in Trieste to 22 in Trento.

Center and Sardinia

Cloud cover rapidly intensifying almost everywhere with weak morning precipitations over northern Sardinia and the Marche and Abruzzo Apennines. During the afternoon the situation tends to get worse with showers and thunderstorms especially on the Apennines and areas adjacent to them, with possible encroachments as far as the Adriatic coasts and southern Tuscany. The maximum values ​​of temperatures are between 18C in Ancona and 22C in Florence.

South and Sicily

On Sicily the morning was characterized by cloudy weather, but the rest of the South was clear or partly cloudy, followed in the afternoon by increasingly thick haze. In the afternoon the weather tends to get worse especially in Campania, Basilicata and Puglia with some precipitation, including thunderstorms. The maximum values ​​expected for temperatures range from 17C in Potenza to 23C in Bari.

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