Toyota GR86, an ode to the pleasure of driving – PHOTO

The Japanese are stubborn: when they fall in love with an idea, they pursue it, whatever the cost; and try to improve it endlessly. But they also have flaws, however. An automotive example of Japanese perseverance is certainly the new Toyota GR86, the sports car that focuses entirely on driving involvement. And that, in a scenario made up of flat and all the same cars, is splendidly anachronistic in its intent: to entertain those behind the wheel while remaining “human”, both in terms of performance and management costs. The GR86 enriches the range of GR products of the manufacturer, where they already appear Supra e GR Yaris.

The fundamentals are the same as the previous GT86, launched in 2012 and sold in beyond 200 thousand units worldwide: front engine aspirated four-cylinder boxer, rear-wheel Drive with self-locking differential (helps to improve traction when cornering), low center of gravity and low weight. And Toyota deserves credit for having listened to the customers, the same ones who reproached the GT86 for a slightly weak engine at low and medium revs: the new engine unit of the GR86, in fact, has grown in displacement up to 2.4 liters. The result is an increase in power of 35 HP and a good 45 Nm of torque, for 235 CV e 250 Nm total.

The car shares the constructive platform with the Subaru BRZ twin (which differs in the front portion and, probably, will not arrive in Italy): it is the same as the previous GT86 but further evolved and stiffened by 50%. This improves the performance of the trim and driving precision. In this regard, the calibration of the steering, made more direct, and the 18 “wheels, rubberized with 215/40 tires. The total mass is limited to 1.270 kg, also thanks to the use of aluminum for roof and fenders. The change? A traditional 6-speed manual, as enthusiasts ask. But, as an option, there is theautomatic with steering wheel controls.

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Brilliant performances, as evidenced by it 0-100 km / h covered in 6.3 seconds, over a second less than the previous GT86. Inside, the new one stands out digital instrumentation and the touchscreen of the infotelematic system. 4.26 meters long (and just 1.31 meters high), the new Toyota coupe will be marketed in Europe during the year, at prices yet to be defined: for reference, the outgoing model had a price list starting from 32 thousand euros.


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