Unions demonstration | Officials take to the streets in Madrid to demand a “fair” salary increase

Unions demonstration |  Officials take to the streets in Madrid to demand a “fair” salary increase

The Central Independent Trade Union and Civil Servants (CSIF), most representative union in public administrations, and Jusapol, which brings together police and civil guards, has managed to bring together tens of thousands of officials this Saturday in Madrid: 70,000, according to the organizers, and between 15 and 17,000, according to the Government Delegation . The president of the union, Miguel Borrastressed that it was the “first great demonstration trade union against this government”, and you only had to hear the songs with which the march was enlivened to know that it was so.

Borra congratulated himself because the mere summons had borne fruit and the Ministry of Finance and Public Function had called the opening of the negotiation of remuneration in public administrationswithin the framework of the next General State Budgets, to next Wednesdaywhich did not prevent the march, for which buses from all over Spain were chartered by the union.

Workers from all over Spain, both from the public and private sectors, were summoned to the march, which left the Carrera de San Jerónimo, next to the Congress of Deputies, and reached the Plaza de Colón, but the slogans had a clear objective: the Government of Pedro Sánchez.

Where is my money? Chiqui, chiqui, where is it?“, “Sánchez, cheeky, you don’t have enough“, “With this government, to continue losing” were some of the slogans that the protesters were heard singing until the proximity to the Plaza de Colón made the chants become more festive with songs by Rosalía, Amaral or Alaska.

Although it is open to all citizens as it is a protest against the social impoverishment, for a fair wage increase, for a decent retirement and for the quality of public services, it was difficult for anyone with a leftist sensibility to join her. Invited by Jusapol, the general secretary of Vox approached, Javier Ortega Smithor the Citizens deputy Edmundo Balbut the one that took center stage, or at least tried, was Macarena People, who dedicated himself to accompanying the leader of the march for a good part of the route and taking photos with everyone who asked him to.


The organizers demand that the Government update of public salaries in 2022retroactively, to recover the purchasing power lost this year in line with the measure adopted by France in July, and a multi-year salary increase agreement that allows progress in the recovery of the purchasing power that has been diminished since 2010, and that this year will rise to 20%.

It also calls for the implementation of effective economic measures to help workers combat the disproportionate rise in the price of shopping basket, light and energy; guarantee some quality public services providing both the material and human resources necessary for it, and open a transparent and objective debate on the future of pensions.


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