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«And now you can call me the Gasperini of skiing». Ride of taste, Livio Magoni, linking Bergamo’s pride to an idea: «Petra Vlhova, whom I led to the conquest of the World Cup, reminds me of Atalanta’s exploits against the great football players». In Slovakia crazed with joy, which he found the female equivalent of an idol such as Peter Sagan, they have prepared a train: «We will travel the country, we will share the triumph». And it is this explosion of affection that confronts the Snow Gasp with the hardest choice: to continue or not? A tough question also because the champion forged in a few years has some defects.

Magoni, are you closer to leaving or staying?
“Now I’m confused. It would be time to say goodbye, this victory is a milestone. But when I see adults and children asking me for my autograph, well, I think I would betray these people. There will be news in the team, but my position is solid. I will decide shortly ».

Do you, who trained both of them, choose Petra or Tina Maze?
«Tina: it is more complete, even in the non-sporting part. As an athlete she has herself and free time. On this front, Petra does not exist ».

Will it grow?
“No, it doesn’t have it in the DNA. Indeed, it can only get worse …: if I don’t continue it will be because of this. Maze was a wild animal and Vlhova is too: but the former understood what it takes to become a character and adapted, the latter did not ».

What are you missing?
«A lot, even on the part of the family and the manager. The right word, no offense, is: ignorance. And there you can’t do anything about it ».

But doesn’t Petra react?
“He lowers his head and says that’s how it works. The problem is not her, but her entourage: if you get engaged with Vlhova, you get engaged with the whole family ».

There is talk of the “Magoni method”. Can you explain it to us?
«The” machine “must be prepared in the summer according to the objectives. This season the priority was the absolute World Cup. I explained to Petra that she would have to participate in all disciplines and that there would be little time to train in the winter. He competed in a marathon and won it ».

But if they hadn’t canceled the fast races of the finals, Gut-Behrami would have undermined her.
“True, but Petra’s lead was solid and Lara had only the descent as a clearly favorable evidence for her.”

She is too tough, she tells herself.
“Many coaches are adapting to my criteria. With talent alone you will also make good races, but to be like a Maze you have to exaggerate with the work ».

He always talks about Tina, it seems that Vlhova is a lazzarona …
“Never said that. Petra is very strong, but she has a problem: when her head does not turn in the right way, it is necessary to intervene, otherwise she throws everything away. It is like a roe deer: if you make a mistake in approaching it, it runs away ».

What can Petra add to the repertoire?
“We are at a normal level for you. It can do infinitely more, also looking at young people because here it is like electronics and novelties bring ideas ».

Italy, apart from the lower than expected Brignone, had a positive season. You were a dt from 2013 to 2015, but there was no such competitiveness. What has changed?
“What was supposed to happen has happened: if you have talent and work without mistakes, progression is normal.”

Will the magical period last?
“For at least four years. Italy with Bassino, Brignone and Goggia has three diamonds: if they are not wrong, they can only go fast. Petra compared to those diamonds is an iron. Maybe it’s hyper-technological, but it’s still an iron ».

Could the blue door one day reopen?
“No. Closed chapter. I am not accepted by the current federation, but also by the environment, by colleagues and by skimen ».

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