West of Mexico to the bar in Timna

Last September, Chef Masika embarked on an inspiring journey following PATRÓN tequila – the world’s best-selling super-premium brand.
This is a rare visit to a distillery that was opened for the first time to host a delegation of culinary and media people from Israel, a visit that revealed the traditional ways of working, growing agave and the ways to produce tequila.

From this journey, chef Nir Mesica created a special 10-course tasting menu + dishes and dessert, along with specially composed cocktails to complete the experience, all of course based on PATRON tequila and flavors from faraway Mexico.
The menu will be served for one week only in Timna, between 5-8/12 (Monday-Thursday).

Among the dishes that will be served:
· Fermented apple – yuzu cream, white zota, apple vinaigrette, lime, celery consomme, yogurt digit
· Sea fish sashimi – pico de gayo, dashi cream, guacamole cream, chicharron, tomato gazpacho, dashi
· Taco El Pastor – grilled octopus skewer, pineapple, chipotle vinaigrette, smoked corn salad, mustard leaves
Roasted veal loin in Josper – mushroom and root vegetable ragout, Jerusalem artichoke cream, parmesan whipped cream, dashi
· Saddle of lamb – black garlic cream, stuffed, frijoles, lamb pancetta
· Refreshes the palate – aguachila pomegranates, hibiscus, fresh pomegranate seeds
· Dessert – fresh pineapple, kaffir lime, roasted coconut, roasted peanuts, white chocolate, pinocolada whipped cream, Caribbean shake

The cocktail menu will include:
Mexican 61 – PATRÓN Silver, mango, chalpinio, lime and bubbly martini
Silver & Stormy – PATRÓN Silver, pineapple, lime and ginger beer
Playa Paloma – PATRÓN Rapsudo, grapefruit, martini piero and tonic
Desperado – PATRÓN Rapsudo, coffee and agave
(Price range: 62-64 NIS)

The price: NIS 395 per person not including drinks.
Timna Restaurant – 24 Lilinblum St. | Phone for reservations: Phone for reservations: 077-997-9777

Petron Tequila Distillery (Photo: Ido Izak)

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