Aldo Cazzullo and Vittorio Sgarbi talk about art in the «Divine Comedy» –

Caducity and immortality: in this apparent contradiction that the Poet (a blacksmith of words fascinated by miniature, sculpture and painting) summarizes the meaning of artistic expression, whose greatest exponents places in Hell, in Purgatory or in Paradise

Italy has always been the place where the world is thought of, and the way to portray it. The place where styles are born: Gothic painting, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococ, Neoclassicism, Futurism, Metaphysics. And everything – the idea of ​​Italy and its mission – begins with Dante; who fascinated by art, by miniature, by sculpture, by painting; but above all a blacksmith of words. With which places a large number of artists of all disciplines in Hell, in Purgatory or in Paradise. Making them eternal in their transience. Art is therefore the theme of the ninth episode of Dante Italia, the new podcast created by Corriere della Sera in collaboration with Audible in which Aldo Cazzullo has chosen the critic Vittorio Sgarbi as his traveling companion.

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