Altenburg: My daughters were rescued from our house by helicopter – News Inland

Altenburg (Rhineland-Palatinate) – Shefik Hyseni (46) did not know for hours whether he had lost his daughters in the flood of death!

The father of the family feared for the lives of Laureta (13) and Altuna (17). Had they been able to get to safety in time?

Hyseni to BILD: “On Wednesday evening my daughters called me and said that the water was already up to the first floor!” The 46-year-old ran home immediately. When he arrived there was no getting through – the water was already everywhere!

“I last spoke to both of them around 9 p.m. Then the connection was gone. “

Totally desperate, the machine operator waited the night on a bridge from which he could see his house. Yesterday at 5.30 p.m. the redeeming news: His children were rescued from the flooded house by helicopter.

The father: “We just cried. Now we just have to see what’s left of the house. “



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