Bloomberg: Apple To Release New iPad Pro With Wireless Charging And New iPad Mini

The American corporation Apple plans to release a new one in 2021 iPad Mini and a new base iPad, and in 2022 – a new one iPad Pro. Bloomberg reports this with reference to sources familiar with the situation.

The new iPad Pro will have a glass back that will allow you to use a wireless charger. The iPad Pro may also feature reverse wireless charging, allowing other Apple devices to be charged by simply placing them on the back of the tablet. Bloomberg sources say development is still in its infancy and a lot could change.

The iPad Mini will have narrower screen borders – this is the first redesign of the device in six years. Apple is also testing the abandonment of the Home button. In addition, the company is working on a thinner version of the basic iPad for students. It, like the iPad Mini, is scheduled to be released in late 2021. Apple is also developing new wireless charging methods that will allow you to charge your device over long distances, but this technology is likely to appear only in a few years.

About new Apple devices – in the material “b”.

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