Coronavirus, Europe in the streets against “eternal” lockdowns

A little bit of Europe demonstrated forcefully yesterday against the “lockdowns” imposed to limit the Coronavirus epidemic. The level of demonstrations has been so high and widespread that, in the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is thinking of a controversial new law banning protests with the threat of a maximum prison sentence of 10 years.

In Germany the police used water cannons, pepper spray and batons on the 20,000 protesters protesting in Kassel, city ​​in the center of the country.

Protests of the same type and size took place in Switzerland, Romania, Finland, Austria and Great Britain.

In Germany in particular, the problems seem to be two: iThe first is represented by the development of a variant of the Coronavirus that seems more contagious and on the other a high number of novax that move in the opposite direction to the primary need of the country, which is to accelerate vaccinations.

Unfortunately, EMA’s three-day stop for checks on the AstraZeneca vaccine has increased distrust of mass vaccinations and now the German government, more than any other, must be able to restore the right confidence to its population of over 80 million. of people.

And the first voice in this direction was that of Chancellor Angela Merkel who has repeatedly supported the motto of “vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate”.

For the first time the Germans seem to have failed in organizing compared to other European countries. In fact, after a year only 8.5% of Germans received the first dose, a low percentage compared to other virtuous countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Israel and even Chile.

In the United Kingdom, the government of Boris Johnson had started in bankruptcy. Immediately after, however, after the premier had saved himself from the Coronavirus, there was a change of course with a strong “lockdown” and with the population vaccinated with great speed. Despite this, thousands of people attended the demonstrations against the closures in London on Saturday. Protesters, marching along Parliament Square, Oxford Street towards downtown Whitehall, displayed signs saying: “Fear Westmonster, not the virus”, and “Stop destroying our children’s lives”.

In Hyde Park, police were forced to retreat into armored vehicles taken in bottles by demonstrators, most of them without masks. London police nearly 40 arrests.

The protests coincided with a request made to the Minister of the Interior by 60 members of parliament to relax restrictions during the demonstrations. Due to the Coronavirus, it is in fact illegal to gather in the streets to protest.

The protest also sparked anger over the kidnapping and death of Sarah Everard, a 33-year-old woman who disappeared earlier this month on her way home.

His body was found a week later and an on-duty police officer was charged with his murder.

A spokesperson for the Interior Ministry said “While we are still in a pandemic, we continue to urge people to avoid mass rallies, in line with wider restrictions on the Coronavirus.”

But the iron fist does not stop and neither, it seems, the protests in many European countries.


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