Couple who went to pick up clothes ரீ Tragedy in front of husband’s eyes… Accident in Chennai ர !!

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The incident in which a woman was killed in a bus collision with a two-wheeler has caused a stir.

Abdul Wajid lives in Madambakkam area of ​​Chennai district. He is survived by his wife, Akshay Parthima. The couple went to the clothing store and rode home on a two-wheeler. The government bus collided head-on with Abdul Wajid’s two-wheeler near Crompton bus station. Akshay Fatima, who stumbled and fell in the accident, was hit on the head by the wheel of the bus and died on the spot.

Abdul Wajid, who was later injured, was rescued by bystanders and admitted to a private hospital. Upon learning of this, the Crompton Traffic Police rushed to the scene, seized Akshay Fatima’s body and sent it to a government hospital for autopsy. Police have registered a case and arrested the bus driver Datsanamoorthy and are investigating.

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