Dante and Virgil, Jesus and Judas, the impossible interviews

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Ale and Franz “Fuori Theme” on Rai 2 (second evening). One step at a time, almost with discretion, the duo Ale and Franz he has won affection and following, the esteem, that already existed, since the time of Zelig.

They did their apprenticeship and exams: today they celebrate 25 years of career with a show of their own, “Off topic”, as is right for the two survivors of a comic culture never shouted, surreal without effort, intelligent without making it weigh.

Ale and Franz “Fuori Theme” on Rai 2 (second evening)

“This is the transmission of our maturity. We were able to experience 360 ​​degrees. By doing things that after 25 years of career, even in theater, we had never done. They left us carte blanche, do what you want.

And we did it. We had a lot of fun, it’s a very varied show, no minute is the same as another. The program represents who we are, not what we have been. It’s an Ale and Franz 2.0. “.

Ale and Franz Off topic: Dante and Virgil, Jesus and Judas …

They will experiment in full freedom, they will range across the entire spectrum of languages ​​- sketch, film, theater – alternating live fatigue, also accompanied by a respectable resident band.

Space and time without fixed coordinates: old acquaintances will parade, squabbling Dante and Virgil, Jesus and Judas Iscariot …

Improvisations and jam sessions with eight musical guests who will follow one another in the episodes and who in turn will get involved in the territory of comedy. We talk about Michele Bravi, Anastasio, Simone Cristicchi, Frankie hi-nrg mc, Peppe Servillo, Samuel, Davide Van De Sfroos and Francesco Tricarico.

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Each episode a space full of meaning like the Teatro la Cucina, inside the former Refectory of the Paolo Pini psychiatric hospital in Milan,

A roundup of characters and stories, including new inventions and cult classics, which sees Ale and Franz immerse themselves in ever-different roles and characters, transform themselves into TV announcers Alessandra and Franca, into two bewildered fathers who watch their children’s football match from the tribune , in unlikely policemen, in talking dogs …

Up to take on the role of famous characters from history and literature, such as Romeo and Juliet (Ale) or, for Marco Bonadei’s impossible interviews within the “Good Night Show” format, those of Dante (Franz) and Virgilio ( Ale) who says who asked you to take me with you .. and even of Jesus of Nazareth and Judas Iscariot; or the unmissable protagonists of the format “La vita in deferred”, or rather “the show that scares the masses”

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