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The European Union, the United States and other countries have expressed concern about reports from human rights organizations about the mass executions of former Afghan security forces by the Taliban. “We are deeply concerned about the reports documented by Human Rights Watch and other organizations,” said a joint statement on behalf of the EU and national governments of 21 countries, released Saturday, December 4.

The document, signed, in particular, by representatives of the United States, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Ukraine, Japan and other countries, also points to the recorded cases of kidnapping.

Taliban accused of breaking amnesty promise

The authors of the statement accused the Taliban Islamists of acting contrary to their own promise to grant amnesty to former members of the security forces, describing it as “gross violations of human rights.”

A few days earlier, the human rights organization Human Rights Watch published a report, which refers to the documented executions or enforced disappearances of more than 100 former members of the Afghan National Security Forces and other security forces who surrendered or were arrested by the Islamists.

The perpetrators must be held accountable

“The documented cases must be promptly and transparently investigated and the perpetrators brought to justice. These steps must be made public to serve as an immediate deterrent to further killings and enforced disappearances. We will continue to judge the Taliban by their actions,” the joint statement said. …

The Taliban announced a general amnesty two days after the invasion of the Afghan capital, Kabul, in August 2021. Taliban spokesman Sabihullah Mujahid said at a press conference at the time that everyone had been pardoned.

However, already in September, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet announced that there was reliable information about the Taliban massacre of former Afghan security forces. According to her, the militants organized raids in search of opponents, some employees of the former Afghan government are found dead, others, as well as their family members, are abducted by the Islamists.

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