Freddy Movie Review Kartik Aaryan as Dentist Who Carries Revenge | Freddy Movie Review : Revenge of a haunted dentist; Freddie Review

It is said that sometimes it is good to have someone new in your life. But what if a person who lived happily alone comes into the life of someone else and the peace is gone? The movie Freddy, which was released on December 2 through Disney Plus Hotstar, tells the story of a dentist who faces some problems that have come in the middle of his life. Karthik Aryan and Alaya F have played the lead roles in the film. The film is directed by Shashanka Khosh.

The film revolves around Dr. Freddy Jinwala, a dentist. Freddie runs a dental clinic and lives alone. All he has for company is his pet turtle, Hardy. Meanwhile, Freddie meets a girl named Kinas. When someone comes into Freddie’s life, some unexpected problems arise in his life. The theme of the film is how a dentist named Freddie will deal with these problems in his life.

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The story of the film is entirely centered on Karthik Aryan’s character Freddie. An introverted Freddie has been beautifully portrayed on screen by Karthik Aryan. From the very beginning, the character of Freddie, who seems to be hiding some secrets, arouses the curiosity of the audience.

The first half of the film is progressing well. There is a big change in the story of the film in the second half. After that, the film proceeds almost predictably till the climax. Therefore, unnecessary drag is felt in these parts. However, due to the performance of Karthik Aryan and the excellence in the making of the film, Freddie is giving a great experience to the audience. Freddie is Karthik Aryan’s second film of the year after the super success of Bhool Bhulaiya 2.

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