Green pass, colors and bans Everything will change soon –

New parameters for color change e green pass to be used in all places where crowds can form. These are the pillars of the new Draghi decree that is about to be defined.
With the increase in cases and the Delta variant that worries more and more for its high contagiousness, the government is running for cover by maintaining a line of caution and at the same time trying to prevent new closures from being reached. So the use of the green certificate seems to be the answer to the risk of other forced stops for activities such as restaurants, bars, swimming pools, stadiums, gyms, cinemas and theaters. Tomorrow, during the control room, the final details relating to the same will be discussed green pass, but now the list of places where you can only access with certification seems to have been defined. The new measures could come into effect from 26 July.
NEW PARAMETERS. In the new Covid decree, the yellow areas could start with 5% of beds occupied in intensive care. The hospitalization rate will therefore be the most important criterion for establishing the colors of the regions. The Regions themselves have requested a change in the parameters, since the risk is to decide closures because there are positive people at home, “when the health system is fully efficient”.
And so, even if some areas are approaching the return to yellow given the trend of increasing the incidence of infections, to avoid the risk of closures, a change of course on evaluations was thought of. However, it seems that the calculation of the incidence of positives per 100 thousand inhabitants will remain, even if it will lose its impact if the occupancy of beds in intensive care and in ordinary wards does not exceed the risk percentages of 30 and 40 percent. .
Controls will remain fundamental, so much so that the need to perform a minimum number of swabs will become increasingly mandatory: in the white area at least 150 tests will be needed for every 100 thousand inhabitants. With these scenarios, the government is also discussing the opportunity to postpone the deadline of the state of emergency to 31 December.
THE YELLOW AREA. The eventual passage in the yellow zone for the regions at risk will not imply the restoration of the curfew, but the return of the always mandatory mask and other restrictions. Starting from the restaurants which, inside, cannot accommodate more than four diners per table. Furthermore, stadiums, sports halls, arenas and rooms for events will have to reduce the maximum capacity: one thousand spectators in the open spaces, 500 indoors. Additionally, there may be restrictions on holidays, including religious ceremonies such as weddings. However, the government’s goal is to keep Italy in white at least until August 15th.
GREEN PASS. In this sense, the green pass it can be the answer to the dangers. This is the certificate showing that you have recovered from Covid, or have taken a swab in the last 48 hours (negative result), or have been vaccinated with a double dose.
The next decree should require the issuance of the green card only to those who have also received the second dose. It will be necessary to present it when entering places where there is a risk of gatherings or where files can be found. The underlying philosophy is to avoid closures and make those who don’t get vaccinated pay duty. Hoping that the imposition will also convince the no vax to immunize themselves. As it happened in France.
WHEN YOU NEED IT. For those traveling the green pass it will be indispensable. It will need to be shown before taking long-distance trains, ships and planes. At the moment, however, it is excluded that it is mandatory on buses and subways, but if the epidemiological curve is still uphill in September, this choice will be revised.
In any case, in stadiums, gyms, sports centers, concerts, events, conferences, shows, parties and banquets, certification must be obtained.
RESTAURANTS AND DISCOS. The risk of new lockouts due to an increase in infections frightens the trade associations and this is precisely what they used to mediate with the League – which had expressed its opposition – and get the green light for the green pass for indoor restaurants. On the subject there was a real tug-of-war between the various parties that seems to have reached an outcome, with the negotiation that went through an immediate green light to the dance clubs that do not yet have a reopening date, imposing but check when you go inside for lunch or dinner. “I don’t go to restaurants at this stage, while I would gladly go if I knew that all customers are vaccinated,” government members said.
So the news also concern discos and are always linked to the use of the green certificate. The Technical Scientific Committee has already granted a favorable opinion to the openings, conditioning them to green pass: therefore the negotiation of these hours between the various parties of the majority passes precisely to insert the date of reopening of the ballrooms to coincide with the entry into force of the decree that makes it mandatory.
I NODI. There are, however, some problems.
Many citizens report that they are unable to obtain the electronic code of the green pass despite having completed the vaccination course.
And then there is the issue of controls: the green certificate must be shown when entering risky places or getting on board, just as is the case now with temperature measurement. In case of control by the police, those without one risk a fine of up to 400 euros and the manager of the activity could be closed for 5 days. The fine would be reduced to 260 euros if paid within five days.
The issue, however, is delicate, because there is the issue of privacy raised by the guarantor. The investigations, therefore, can only be carried out by the police. But this does not mean that the managers of the premises do not have to check whether customers are in possession of the green certification or not.


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