Hebrew News – New York on emergency order following new strain: “Although not yet identified in the state – but it is coming”

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New York on emergency order following new strain: “Although not yet identified in the state – but it is coming”

Governor Kathy Hookol has announced preliminary steps towards the new variant and ahead of the winter, which aim to increase the capacity of hospitals and address the shortage of medical staff

New York Gov. Kathy Hawkle is trying to anticipate a cure for the mecca against the backdrop of the corona’s new variant that worries the world – and announced on Friday a state of emergency aimed at increasing hospital capacity and addressing medical staff shortages.

New York (Photo: Shutterstock)

The new protocols for dealing with the new variant “Omicron” will enter into force on December 3, and will last at least until January 15. But, the New York government will re-evaluate the situation.

The emergency order will allow the state health ministry to restrict non-essential and urgent hospital procedures in situations where hospitals have less than 10% capacity. The new provision will also expand the state’s ability to purchase medical emergency equipment.

“We have taken these extraordinary steps to prevent the spread of the corona and fight this epidemic. We continue to see warning signs of a spike in cases ahead of winter, and although the new ‘Omicron’ variety has not yet been identified in New York State – it is coming,” Hawk said.

“In preparation, I announce today urgent steps to expand the capacity of hospitals and help ensure that our systems can meet all the challenges posed by the plague ahead of the winter months,” the governor added. “The vaccine remains one of our greatest weapons in the war on epidemics. I encourage all New Yorkers to get vaccinated, and if you are vaccinated then get the booster.”

New York Governor Kathy Hawk (Photo: Shutterstock)

The new variant, ‘Omicron’, put the world on a new alert, with the World Health Organization, WHO, defining it as a ‘worrying strain’. Fearing the power of the variant, President Joe Biden on Friday announced new travel restrictions from South Africa and seven other countries “out of plenty of caution.”

Although the strain has not yet been identified in America, Dr. Anthony Pauchi, the White House’s adviser to the Corona, said it may already be in the United States. You can know exactly. “

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