Hundreds of US cities are toured by demonstrations in favor of gun control

Marches organized this Saturday in hundreds of cities throughout the USA They called for more gun control. of fire, after the mass shootings that have occurred in recent weeks in a supermarket in Buffalo (New York) and in a school in Uvalde (Texas).

The rallies, organized by the youth group “March for Our Lives” they occurred in populations large and small across the United States, from New York and Los Angeles to rural Iowa and Wisconsin.

The main one was that of the capital, Washington DC, which was convened next to the iconic monument to George Washingtonthe obelisk that stands in the center of the city a short distance from the White House and between the Capitol and the Abraham Lincoln Memorial.

Although the organizers had said they expected tens of thousands of participants, the Washington rally gathered only a few thousandon a day when the sky was gray in the US capital and it even drizzled.

With posters on which you could read slogans like “It doesn’t have to be like this. Let’s put an end to the violence of the armasor “Congress, legislate now, do it for our future”, the protesters urged the political class to take measures that restrict access to firearms, especially semi-automatic ones.

in a message On his Twitter account, the President of the United States, Joe Bidensupported the marches and assured that a majority of Americans want legislative measures “of common sense” in relation to the arms.

“Congress needs to ban assault weapons and high-capacity cartridges; tighten background checks and remove the immunity of gun manufacturers from legal prosecution,” Biden said.

The “March for Our Lives” group was created in 2018 by students from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where a shooting occurred in which 17 people were killed.

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That same year, the organization convened a march on Washington attended by hundreds of thousands of peoplealso with the aim of pressuring Congress to take legislative measures to restrict access to firearms.

There was a minor incident at today’s march on Washington when, during a minute of silence, a man began to shout and several attendees took off running, although it turned out to be a false alarm.


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