In the United States, consumption resumes, and lingerie is booming – The new aid plan in the USA encourages citizens and pushes consumption, not only of basic necessities but also of lace panties, bras and babydolls. Witness the fact that the title of L shines on Wall Street today Brands, the parent company of the famous lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret: now it earns over 5%, but has come close to + 7%.
This is because the company has revised its estimates upwards, which have switched to $ 0.85-1 per share 0.55 to 0.65. A leap beyond the rosiest expectations, given that analysts expected a rise, but more contained, to $ 0.62.

According to analysts, the sales spurt appears to be driven by the new stimulus package and the easing of restrictions against Covid-19. It must be said, however, that this year, the company’s stock has jumped by almost 60% coming in at over $ 60 from around $ 12.50.

“The improvement in forecasts,” explained the company itself, “is mainly driven by unexpected changes in consumer spending behavior, resulting from new government aid and a relaxation of restrictions against Covid-19. “Sales of the company, which owns other brands, are particularly strong in the Victoria’s Secret chain and also in Bath & Body Works stores.

Brands is still cautious: “L‘future remains uncertain, and there is no guarantee that these trends will be confirmed. “



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