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In Moscow, as well as throughout Russia, sales of iPhone 13 started. New smartphones from Apple received an improved processor and camera system. They added a night shooting mode and dynamic focus when recording video. The company also released for the first time a gadget with 1 terabyte memory – the iPhone 13 Pro. Before the start of sales, several dozen people gathered at the flagship store re: Store on Tverskaya, wishing to purchase a new product. Details are with Vladimir Rasulov.

Sales of the new iPhones opened at 8:00 am. By this time, about 30 people had gathered at the store on Tverskaya. They were separated from the entrance by metal posts with black drawstrings and several guards. Unlike previous years, the participants did not draw up any lists. But the tradition of standing in line for others has not gone anywhere. The cost of such a service on the Internet before the start of sales reached 140 thousand rubles. A student named Timofey asked ten times less for this, and took the queue back at 22:00 on Thursday.

“At Avito we put it up as a service that we would stand in line all night. The person who wants to buy an iPhone will arrive at the end and, in fact, will be one of the first to do so. We stood for 12 hours. We are waiting for the person to take the phone and something will come to us too. For 14 thousand rubles. to each. The two of us. Initially, it was 18 thousand rubles, but then they were reduced, ”he says.

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When the doors of the store opened, the guards began to let in groups of 10 people. Everyone at the entrance was asked to wear a mask. And next to the checkout counters, customers had to line up again. Muscovite Polina decided that buying a new smartphone would be faster than pre-ordering: “I came up at about 7:40. I’m going to buy myself a 120GB blue iPhone 13 Pro Max. I have been walking with my phone for three years now and I realized that it was time to update. Therefore, I decided to purchase this particular one. Pre-order – waiting up to eight weeks. I was afraid. I want it here and now. “

The hype around the iPhone 13 was recognized by the reseller itself. The demand for gadgets was much higher than last year. And this can be seen not only in turns near the store, but also according to the statistics of pre-orders, said the representative of re: Store Lyudmila Semushina: “We definitely see a more noticeable demand. Approximately 2.5 times more than last year. We summarize both sales starts. A new color is always popular, which is why sky blue entered the top 3. Pro phones are always more interesting in re: Store, so iPhone 13 Pro 256 GB sky blue comes first, Pro Max 256 GB sky blue comes second, and 512 GB graphite comes third. “

The flagship store on Tverskaya in the first hour after the start of sales served more than 30 people who wanted to buy new smartphones. Among them was the Muscovite Vladimir. He patiently waited for his turn for several hours, in the end he got the last copy, which he wanted: “At 6:00 we arrived and stood in a live queue. Significantly more phones were brought this year than in the past. Then they quickly ended. Now I took the 256GB blue Pro Max. I just wanted to buy it, and it ended on me. This is fate, apparently. “

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But a buyer named Vitaly, for example, did not wake up at dawn for the sake of a new iPhone. He got in line only at the beginning of the tenth: “Probably, the fact that you are the first does not give anything. Now I have a “ten”. The phone just gets tired and I buy a new one. I like the iOS system. Android tried – not mine. Plus my wife wanted to. She was on Android all the time, now she has Samsung, so I decided to come. But without fanaticism. I think: I’ll come and buy it, if it does, it’ll be. Pro Max and just Pro, ”says Vitaliy.

Some buyers in line at Tverskaya hinted that they want to purchase an iPhone 13 for subsequent resale. And judging by the cost of new gadgets, you can earn a lot from this. Prices for smartphones start at 70 thousand rubles. This is how much the younger version of the iPhone 13 mini costs. But the iPhone 13 Pro Max for 1 terabyte will cost 160 thousand rubles.


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