Kindergartens closed for another seven days Masci: infections are still high – The kindergartens remain closed: at least for another week, the activities from home have been extended. The official announcement arrived yesterday afternoon with an order from the mayor Carlo Masci. While for elementary and middle schools throughout Abruzzo, the suspension of face-to-face lessons has been extended until after Easter with the order of the president Marco Marsilio, expiring on 6 April, the mayor of has established the extension for the maternal schools of the city, but only until 21 March. The kindergartens remain in attendance.
At the basis of Masci’s decision, once again, there is the report signed by the ASL general manager Vincenzo Ciamponi, of the infectious disease specialist Giustino Parruti, director of the Covid Hospital of, and of Ildo Polidoro, coordinator for the Covid-19 emergency of the Prevention department. “The data from the observation of the last week cannot be considered sufficient to undermine the measures adopted so far”, the experts write, “which, on the other hand, require a further period of observation of the pandemic trend, before evaluating a different, possibly less restrictive, method of prevention “. The epidemiological picture that characterizes the provincial territory continues to be too worrying to allow the students who, in, have been in dad since February 8, to return to the classroom.
Yesterday there were 69 new positives in the province. From February 1st to March 12th, 6,451 new cases were registered in the province of Of these, 251 concerned the 0-5 age group (3.9% of the total); the 6-19 age group recorded 969 cases (15%), and finally 5,231 those over 19 (81.1%). The virus continues to circulate among school-age children. From 22 to 25 February, 128 cases had been detected; from 1 to 5 March, the new positives were 123; while from 8 to 12, the number amounts to 125. “The trend of cases from February 1 to March 12”, highlights the Local Health Authority, “showed a continuous increase in the 6-19 year range, while the 0- 5 years, after an increase at the end of February, it is showing a stabilization, coinciding in terms of time with the closure of the nursery schools too ». Hence the decision to extend the provision once again also to preschools, because as experts reiterate, “until there is a stable downward trend in infections in the general population, the reopening of communities is strongly discouraged. , therefore, in particular also of the infantile one ».
“In the meeting of the Security Committee convened by the prefect, which lasted about three hours, Parruti and Polidoro reiterated the need to keep schools closed to combat the spread of the virus”, comments Masci, “not because schools are the place of contagion , but because they are one of the places of maximum aggregation of children and young people, therefore potentially dangerous for the expansion of the English variant, which has a significantly higher capacity for aggression than the original strain of the virus in the school age group. I realize that my measures cannot please everyone, it is certain that they must be strictly responsible ».


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