King Cobra bounce suddenly snake catcher shocked video goes viral

Snakes are said to make the army tremble, but these snake catchers are the only ones who can easily catch any large venomous snake like a puppy. But, a king snake rises to the height of a man and scares the snake catcher.

In this video, which is said to have been recorded in a village in the US, a massive 12-foot blue king snake has entered a residential area. Subsequently, the snake catcher was informed. Mike Holston, a professional snake catcher, visited the area and captured the king snake. Later, he tried to keep the snake in a box outside the town. Then the Rajanagam suddenly got angry and got up to the height of the man and scared the snake catchers.

Mike Holston, a snake catcher, was shocked for a second when he suddenly saw the cobra raise its head and hiss. However, he managed to catch the snake and released it in the forest.

A video of snake catcher Mike Holston getting angry while catching a cobra and threatening the snake catcher is going viral on social media.

King snake is a very venomous snake. It is rarely seen in human eyes. The nesting and egg-laying king snake is more venomous than other snakes. If a king cobra bite is not treated promptly, chances of survival are very low. So, if the king snake gets angry, is the snake catcher not the only one who is not afraid?

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