Meet Midas, the cat from Turkey winning the internet with four ears

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Midas the cat from Turkey winning the internet with four ears viral news: The Midas cat born with 4 ears is currently mixing on social web pages.

Viral Tamil News: A Turkish cat named Midas, who was born with two sets of ears due to genetic mutation, is currently mixing the internet. Four months after her birth, Ana ‘Midas’ has been circulating on social media with over 73,000 followers.

This young Midas cat was born in Ankara, Turkey with five siblings. This cute cat has been adopted by Canis Tosmesi and his family. They said they fell in love with Midas as soon as they saw it and wanted to take it with them because they were worried that their chances of finding a home would be hampered by its unique status.

“I don’t think we should buy a cat. We wanted to rescue a cat that was without support on the street. But, we finally adopted Midas. “It simply came to our notice then.

Midas is named after the legendary king of Phrygia. The one who can turn everything he touches into gold, even if the donkey has a saddle on his ear.

Although Midas’ appearance is unusual, it does not affect her health or hearing, said her veterinarian Resad Nouri Aslan. What sets Midas apart, he says, is that all four of her ear lobes are connected to the ear canal.

“Midas has become so popular that we hope to be able to adopt pets rather than buy them in stores. People are so surprised, they just can’t believe it. Everyone wants to see Midas and take a photo with her. ” Said Dosmesi.

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