Metal Gear Solid Delta will reuse MGS3 audio

Metal Gear Solid Delta will reuse MGS3 audio

2023-06-01 07:14:52


By: Samuel M | 06-01-23

The enthusiasm for the remake of MGS3 known as ‘Metal Gear Solid Delta‘ brought many expectations among the millions of fans of the saga; However, as details about the production have become known, a lot of concern began to arise. And Konami has not collaborated with it.

The company had initially indicated that this new version would “include the original voices”, confirming that David Hayter, who gave life to the future Big Boss, would repeat his performance. However, there is one detail in particular.

It turns out that Tommy Williams, Konami’s head of communications for America, recently confirmed in an interview for ‘The Verge‘That Metal Gear Solid Delta’will reuse the voice lines from the original game without any changes»

Metal Gear Solid Delta

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This is sad news because one would think that they would 100% adopt the term ‘remake’ with respect to the return of the main actors who at the time participated in the video game. With this announcement made by Williams, it means that they will go the way of Call of Duty remakes; opting only to give it a complete face lift (as can be seen in the first images)

The studio behind Metal Gear Solid Delta is an internal Konami team, who are collaborating closely with Singapore-based Virtuos, who over the years have specialized in porting games to other consoles.

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