Only the defense will win: Boston went up to 2: 3 over Miami

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Only the defense will win: Boston went up to 2: 3 over Miami

ONE System | 26/05/2022 06:15

Jaylen Brown fights for the ball (Reuters)

Boston took a very important step tonight (Wednesday through Thursday) on its way to the NBA Finals when it climbed to a 2: 3 advantage over Miami in the Eastern Conference Finals, and now the series will return to the sixth game in Boston, where the home team will try to close a story. The Celtics won this time 80:93 and showed again that if there is anything that will give them the title this season, it is their quality defensive game. The Heat were completely frustrated, had a hard time producing comfortable shots and displayed rather poor numbers like 30 of 94 from the field or 7 of 45 off the arc.

Hit quintet players like Max Strauss and Kyle Laurie provided 0-of-15 from the field together and there is no doubt that the disadvantage of Tyler Hiro who knows how to get off the bench and give points, greatly influences how this series develops for Miami. Boston, for its part, also did not enjoy a good shooting day, but still its advantage was not in doubt in front of the Miami crowd, which, although halved by 5 points, absorbed 16:32 in the third quarter and no longer returned to the game after a run that amounted to 2:24 in favor Boston.

Jaylen Brown was the one who led Boston with 25 points, with Jason Taitum excelling with an almost triple-double of 22 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists. Taitum even became the second youngest player in history to reach 1,500 points in the playoffs after Kobe Bryant. Al Horford added 16 points and Derrick White came off the bench well with 14. If Adbyo was the only reasonable point in Miami with 18 and 10 rebounds, while Jimmy Butler provided just 13 points on 22 percent from the field. Between Friday and Saturday Boston can close the series and advance to its first finale since 2010.

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