Positions worth more than mayor, deputy mayor: Tough competition in Madurai DMK | Madurai Corporation: Tough competition in DMK for various posts that give value, respect and gain beyond the mayor and deputy mayor

Madurai: Mayor, Deputy Mayor To capture 5 Zonal Leaders and 7 Standing Committee Chairmen who will give profit and value in Madurai Corporation beyond the posts திமுக There has been fierce competition among councilors.

100 councilors have been elected in Madurai Corporation. They are due to take charge as councilors at the council meeting on the 2nd. The corporation council is preparing for it with renewed vigor. Meanwhile, the DMK has won 67 wards in the corporation as a private party Mayor Leading councilors in the party are vying for office.

Ministers P. Murthy and PDR Palanivel Thiagarajan were among his supporters Mayor Attempts have been made to nominate for the post. Former Minister Pon.Muthuramalingam is said to have met Chief Minister Stalin directly yesterday without trusting the mayoral ministers for his daughter-in-law who won as a councilor.

The Municipal Secretary-General is making a separate effort to make his support councilor mayor.

Based on the recommendation of who of these four Mayor It will be known in a day or two that the candidate is going to be selected by the party leadership.

Mayor, Deputy Mayor Beyond the positions, there are positions of gain, respect and value that endorse various functions in the corporation.

5 Zonal Chairmen, City Council Chairperson, Health Committee Chairperson, Appointment Committee Chairperson, Academic Chairperson, Accounts Committee Chairperson, Standing Committee Chairperson, Taxation Committee Chairman Both the 7 team leaders positions and its Members There are positions. In which, the regional leader and various Committee Chairman To seize positions திமுக There has been fierce competition among councilors.

The zonal committee chairman and various committee leaders are to be elected only after it is known who the mayoral candidate is and he is formally elected mayor in a by-election. So, to capture these positions Mayor Support is also needed and efforts are already underway திமுக Councilors are involved.

According to the corporation officials, the corporation election will not be held for the last 5 years and it will be held after 6 years. Since these are all positions that can bring value and benefit, the newly elected councilors have made a serious effort to be included in this committee.

Each of these committees will have one of the councilors as chairman and the others as members. The posts of Health Committee Chairman, Appointment Committee Chairman and Taxation Committee Chairman are important in these committees. This Committee Chairman And Members Authorized to review and approve files of various functions of the Corporation. Chairman of the Nomination Committee and Members Corporation employees will approve tasks including appointment and promotion.

The Accounts Committee will carry out important functions such as verifying the accounts of the Corporation, verifying the expenditure accounts and approving the audit notes. The Board of Trustees will review files from the Corporation’s School Education Departments.

Similarly, the Chairman of the Tax Committee and Members New Buildings Tax and Finance Committee, Property Tax, Business Tax, Other Taxes, Land Transfer, Leasing of Corporation Lands to Other Departments, Removal of Occupancies, Financial Level Control, Budget, Budget Review etc.

Also, consider files from other level groups regarding funding requirements. Urban Planning and Development Committee This committee will review files received from the Urban Planning Department regarding urban planning and development. It will also carry out works such as construction of roads and streets, repairs and maintenance of street lights.


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