Report: Israel and Morocco have signed an arms deal worth hundreds of millions of dollars

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According to an article in News 12 this morning (Thursday), Israel and Morocco have agreed to sign an arms deal worth hundreds of millions of dollars. According to the publication, Morocco will purchase unmanned aerial vehicles and an advanced air defense system made by the Israeli defense industries.

After the signing of the peace agreement with Morocco, the Moroccans sought to purchase these systems, but so far Israel has refused to accede to the Moroccan requests, but with the warming of relations and the strengthening of cooperation between the two countries, this is now possible. These developments come at a time when Defense Minister Ganz is visiting the country.

Photo: Ariel Hermoni

The motive for promoting the deal for Morocco is the growing tension with neighboring Algeria, which has the largest army in the Maghreb region. Rabat is afraid of finding itself in numerical and qualitative inferiority, and is interested in offsetting this gap. Moroccans are also facing a domestic threat – the Polisario, a movement calling for recognition of Western Sahara’s sovereignty and independence.

In light of the fact that the police station was supported by Hezbollah, among others, Ganz and his Moroccan colleagues agreed to continue cooperating in the exchange of intelligence and counterterrorism. In addition, it was decided to hold joint training between the armies.

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