Suddenly good things happen? Don’t deserve it..!| Suddenly good things happen? Dont deserve it..!

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Life goes on normally. While taking care of daily tasks, availing EMI loans and accounting for household budgets some people suddenly get lucky. It could be an unexpected cash flow. Suddenly good things may happen at home, you may get a pay rise, long-standing problem may be resolved, debt may be waived off. It can be anything. Let’s see why such sudden good things happen and how our mind will take this?

Many people know about Chaos Theory only after author Sujata wrote about it. What is Chaos Theory? Even the breath we breathe can cause a hurricane to form in some corner of the world. Even the flapping of a butterfly’s thin wing can be one of the minor factors in a major earthquake. Thus the Chaos Theory states that all events in the world are interrelated.

The English word ‘Chaos’ means confusion or trouble. Like this, when some complex events are happening in our life in layers, like this theory, unexpectedly good things also pass us by like a jackpot hit. We get overwhelmed when such sudden good things happen. Our own mind will doubt whether we deserve to enjoy such good things. Psychologists say that when good things happen, learn to accept them happily without judging them.

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Everything in life is not in our hands. So don’t try to control everything with your knowledge. Similarly, when you are patient for a long time, according to the chaos theory, unexpected good things will come as a bonus. It is better to enjoy it.

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