Tagesspiegel: November 7, 1961: The German Bundestag elects Konrad Adenauer (CDU) for the fourth time as Federal Chancellor.

On Sunday, November 7th, the book of history records, among other things:

921: In the Treaty of Bonn, Kings Heinrich I and Charles the Simple recognize the independence of the West and East Franconian empires.
1821: The first college for women opens in Troy, New York.
1876: World premiere of the opera “The Kiss” by Friedrich Smetana in Prague.
1916: A radio station in New York broadcast the results of American presidential elections for the first time.
1921: Hugo von Hofmansthal’s comedy “The Difficult” will be premiered in the Munich Residenztheater.
1936: In the Spanish Civil War, the insurgent Franco troops begin the attack on Madrid. The government withdraws to Valencia.
1956: Egypt blocks the Suez Canal by sinking several ships.
1961: The German Bundestag elects Konrad Adenauer (CDU) for the fourth time as Federal Chancellor.
1991: At its summit in Rome, NATO decides on a new strategy centered around a powerful mobile task force.
1991: The anniversary of the October Revolution is being celebrated in Moscow for the first time since 1918 without a festival parade.
1991: The convention for the protection of the Alps, the “Alpine Convention”, is signed in Salzburg by Germany, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland as well as by the European Union. The convention comes into force on March 6, 1995.
1996: An unprecedented cyclone in southern India killed more than 1,800 people.
2006: VW boss Bernd Pischetsrieder surprisingly throws in the towel. In 2007, the largest European car manufacturer will have a new boss – the previous Audi board member Martin Winterkorn.
2006: After years of struggle, Mobilkom Austria is still entering the Serbian mobile communications market. For EUR 321 million she will receive the country’s third cell phone license and now wants to set up a completely new cell phone provider.
2011: Edmund Entacher is allowed to return to his post as Chief of Staff. The Appeals Commission at the Federal Chancellery cancels Defense Minister Norbert Darabos (S) ‘s transfer notice without replacement. The head of department had dismissed Entacher after he had publicly criticized his plans for the introduction of a volunteer army.
2011: Singer Michael Jackson’s former personal physician is found guilty of negligent homicide. Jackson died in June 2009 of an overdose of the anesthetic propofol mixed with other drugs. Murray is said to have injected him with the medication, then, contrary to medical standards, left him unobserved and thus helped to cause his death.
2011: Two men have two rhinoceros horns shown to them at the Dorotheum auction house, which are to be auctioned there. To the surprise of those present, the thieves grab the pieces and run away. One loses the horn while trying to escape, the other escapes with it.

Birthdays: Karel Jaromír Erben, Czech. Poet (1811-1870); Ignaz Brüll, east. Composer (1846-1907); Paul Lincke, dt. Composer (1866-1946); Alfred Dallinger, East. Politician (1926-1989); Joan Sutherland, Australian. Soprano (1926-2010); Gerald Humel, US composer (1931-2005); Gwyneth Jones, Welsh Soprano (1936); Angelo Scola, ital. kath. Theologian (1941).
Days of Death: Heinrich Seidel, German writer (1842-1906); Karl Wetaschek, east. Military bandmaster and composer (1859-1936); Will Durant, US cultural historian (1885-1981); Joachim Gottschalk, German actor (1904-1941); Werner Eisbrenner, German composer (1908-1981); Leonard Cohen, Canada. Songwriter and writer (1934-2016); Joe Frazier, US boxer (1944-2011).
Name days: Engelbert, Malachias, Willibrord, Brünhilde, Ernst, Karina, Peter, Florentius, Rufus.


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