Tagesspiegel: October 3, 2006: The 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics goes to US researchers John C. Mather and George F. Smoot for their studies on the “Echo of the Big Bang”.

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1821: Heinrich von Kleist’s drama “Prince Friedrich von Homburg” will be premiered at the Burgtheater in Vienna.
1886: Archduke Otto, nephew of Emperor Franz Joseph, marries Princess Maria Josepha, daughter of the future King George of Saxony. In 1916, as Charles I, her son becomes the last Austrian Emperor.
1906: At the Berlin international radio conference, SOS (“Save Our Souls”) is set as the emergency signal. The “Slavonia”, which was shipwrecked off the Azores, sent the first SOS emergency call on June 10, 1909.
1926: The first “Paneuropean Congress” (until October 6th) begins in Vienna with participants from 28 countries. It is chaired by Count Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi, founder of the “Paneuropean Union”.
1936: The first battleship of the German Navy, the “Scharnhorst”, built after the defeat in World War I, is launched in Wilhelmshaven.
1986: A Soviet nuclear submarine catches fire about 1,000 km from the Bermuda Islands, it sinks on October 6th.
1991: The “Serbian bloc” (Serbia, Montenegro and the two Serbian provinces Kosovo and Vojvodina, which have been brought into line with each other) takes over all power in the Yugoslav state presidency.
1991: The National Council passes a “Security Police Act” with extensive regulations on the tasks and powers of the security executive.
2001: The Tanzquartier opens in Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier.
2006: The 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics goes to the two US researchers John C. Mather and George F. Smoot for their studies on the “Echo of the Big Bang”.
2006: The new management of Austrian Airlines (AUA) announces that 350 positions will be cut and breaks off negotiations with the works council. At the same time, AUA will receive EUR 350 million in capital from the stock exchange.
2016: TV star Kim Kardashian is ambushed and robbed by five armed men in a Paris hotel. The perpetrators steal jewelry worth around nine million euros. The robbers disguised as police officers escape undetected.

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Birthdays: Stijn Streuvels, Belgian. Writer (1871-1969); František Halas, Czech. Poet (1901-1949); Ernie Kniepert, East. Stage designer (1911-1990); James Herriot, brit. Writer (1916-1995); Steve Reich, American composer (1936); Amr Muhammed Mussa, Egypt. Politician, Secretary General of the Arab. League 2001-2011 (1936); Ruggero Raimondi, ital. Opera Singers (1941); Chubby Checker, US rock singer (1941); Sigmar Solbach, dt. Actor (1946); Zlatan Ibrahimović, Swedish. Footballer (1981).
Days of Death: St. Francis of Assisi, Italian preacher; Founder of the Franciscan Order in 1208 (around 1181-1226); Margaret of Austria, Queen of Spain, Portugal, Naples and Sicily (1584-1611); Lewin Graf Bennigsen, Russian general (1745-1826); Wilhelm Kienzl, east. Composer (1857-1941); Tadeusz Kotarbiński, Polish philosopher (1886-1981); Walter Mehring, German writer (1896-1981).
Name days: Ewald, Gerhard, Theresia, Uda, Udo, Kandider, Leodegar, Niketius, Maria Josefa R., Adalgott, Gerd.

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