The plane of “Russia” urgently landed at Pulkovo due to engine malfunction

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A Rossiya Airlines plane flying from Antalya made an emergency landing at Pulkovo airport. The crew reported a technical malfunction of one of the engines. According to the airline, the plane hit a flock of birds. Passengers and crew members were not injured.

The landing took place safely at 22:24, the press service of the Northern Capital Gateway company, which operates the St. Petersburg airport, said. “During the flight, the crew reported to the ground services about a technical malfunction of one of the engines. The forces and means of Pulkovo airport were made ready to meet the aircraft, ”the press service of the TASS company said.

The North-West Transport Prosecutor’s Office is checking compliance with flight safety legislation in connection with an emergency landing. “The plane landed safely, 95 passengers and 6 crew members were not injured, they have now left the aircraft,” the prosecutor’s office said in a Telegram channel.


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