The police arrived at the pizzeria and were amazed: here is the kidnapped baby

The police arrived at the pizzeria and were amazed: here is the kidnapped baby

The American media in the United States is in an uproar after two police officers who participated in the search for a five-month-old baby who had been kidnapped found him after three days of searching, when they decided to go for a pizza break. While at a pizzeria, the police noticed a stolen car in which the baby was alone.

The kidnapped baby, Cason Thomas, disappeared along with his twin brother Keir, when the car they were in was hijacked. It was when the twins’ mother left them in her car with the engine running, and went to pick up a food order. When she returned she was surprised to find that the car with the babies was gone. Keir, one of the twins, was found abandoned the next morning near the airport in Dayton, Ohio, but Cason, the other twin, was not there.

The abduction took place on Monday evening, and at noon on Thursday the police arrested Nala Jackson, a 24-year-old street woman who is suspected of stealing the car and kidnapping the children. But even then the vehicle and the baby were not located. The searches were intensified, because the arctic storm that is now affecting the USA began to reach the region at the same time.

The baby was miraculously located 280 km from the place where he was kidnapped. It was when two police officers who were looking for him decided towards the end of their shift to rest a little and eat pizza at a pizzeria. There, outside the restaurant, they happened to notice the black Honda Accord that had been stolen. Cason was sitting inside.

One of the police officers told the local media: “We had to release some pressure because we were disappointed that we didn’t find him, and then God opened the gates of heaven, and almost put him in our hands.” Cason was taken to the hospital, and he is expected to be released from there later today.


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