The red pepper from the Loire Valley, a bulwark against the blue light of computers

The peppers that arrive on the shelves from August until November come mainly from the Loire Valley, which is nicknamed the garden of France.

During the picking, the biscornus, the ugly, the too small or the too big which are refused by the distributors, go to the compost. A waste, especially since the Loire Valley farmers involved in this production meet the specifications of the new GGN label from GlobalG.AP, a European label introduced in 2016 which guarantees good practices in agro-ecology.

By taking up this anti-waste subject, the green chemistry company Solabia, in Anet (Eure-et-Loir), has just identified in red pepper an active ingredient effective against the harmful effects of blue light, this radiation from screens. computer that alters our sight and our skin. “Picked at full maturity by a cooperative in the Orléans region (Loiret), the pepper is a vegetable bursting with carotenoids and capsanthin, a powerful active ingredient against aging”, explains Florent Yvergnaux, R&D director of this company from 500 people.

Major brands seduced

Identified on the benches of the Anet laboratory, this active ingredient, baptized Blue Shield by Solabia, is obtained from cold pressing, and stabilized with vegetable glycerin and xanthan gum. In other words, this blue light filter will be available in skincare creams and beauty masks.

This innovation has been sold to several European and American brands. But impossible to know their identity, because they impose a confidentiality clause on Solabia, as is customary in the cosmetics sector in which brands retain the right to communicate with consumers.

“For years, the must was to look far away for exotic assets. Today, there is a shift in the beauty industry to relocate sourcing. We have other projects in progress”, reveals Florent Yvergnaux, whose group has a portfolio of more than 90 active ingredients and around 300 plant extracts.


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