Those who have been vaccinated against coxsackie will be allowed in Canada from the 30th

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Those who have been vaccinated against covax will be allowed in Canada from the 30th.


In India, Bharat Biotech, ICMR and the Indian Institute of Virology have jointly developed a vaccine called ‘covaxin’ against the corona virus.

As well as the ‘Covshield’ vaccine, a joint venture between the University of Oxford in the UK and AstraZeneca, is being manufactured by Serum India.

Only these 2 vaccines are currently in use in India.

Of these, the Govshield vaccine has been approved by many countries, including the World Health Organization. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) did not approve the vaccine, which is made entirely locally.

As a result, many countries around the world have refused to allow those who have been vaccinated against cocaine into their own country, claiming that they have not been vaccinated.

The World Health Organization (WHO) approved the covaxin vaccine earlier this month after a long delay in this context.

Following this, many countries have allowed those who have been fully vaccinated against the ‘covaxin’ vaccine to return to their home country.

The government has announced that individuals who have injected two doses of the covax vaccine made in India may return to Canada within the next 30 days.

So far, only those who have been vaccinated against Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson in the United States and AstraZeneca in the United Kingdom have been admitted to Canada.

In this case, the Government of Canada has approved the vaccine for covax. In addition to covax, Canada has approved two vaccines, Sinovac and Sinoform, developed in China.

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Accordingly, individuals who have fully received the covaxin, cinovac and synoform vaccines will be allowed in Canada from the 30th of next month.

As of yesterday, 17 lakh 62 thousand 434 people in Canada have been infected with the corona virus and 29 thousand 481 people have died from the corona.

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