Libra is the sign of warmth, romanticism, and a deep sense of justice. They are usually refined and intelligent people. smart, warm and social. The scale symbolizes respect for ethical values ​​and its capacity for mediation, a propitious field to show off its excellent communication power.

September 23 to October 22

What awaits Libra on Monday, September 20

Stay firm in your every thought. In case you have to make a decision think about it, as you can act wrong and lose out.

Try to heal the old wounds in your heart. Stop looking at the past and make a decision now. Think about what you want to do in love.

Delays will arise in business transactions. Get advice before investing your assets, otherwise, you could have a great financial loss.

Spend a little more time with your body. Try to relax through meditation or yoga. Sign up for a class on the web at the associated gym.

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