Uber files: LFI exercises its right to create a commission of inquiry

LFI deputies announced on Tuesday the launch of a commission of inquiry into “Uber files” and the role of Emmanuel Macron “in the establishment of Uber in France”. This initiative is made possible thanks to the right that each political group has to create one such body per year.

The group “has taken the decision to exercise its right of drawing to allow the establishment of the Uber Files commission of inquiry”, he announced Tuesday in a press release, specifying that it will be chaired by the deputy Danielle Simonet.

The Insoumis had registered a “proposal for a resolution” to this effect in the first place of their day reserved for the Assembly, November 24. But they had withdrawn it at the last moment to give other texts a chance to be examined in the allotted time.

A “democratic necessity”

The commission of inquiry, which must still meet certain admissibility criteria, “is a democratic necessity”, had pleaded the Insoumis during a presentation of their proposal. According to them, it will have to establish how Uber was able to “establish itself in defiance of the laws and regulations in force”. It is also a question of clarifying what role “the Minister of the Economy at the time, Emmanuel Macron” played in this establishment.

As part of the “Uber Files”, an investigation based on thousands of internal Uber documents, Le Monde concluded that there was a “secret deal” between Uber and the current President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, when he was in Bercy, the seat of the Minister of Economy and Finance.

The presidential camp qualified the proposal for a commission of inquiry on this subject as “conspiratorial” and tabled numerous amendments to oppose it, before its withdrawal by LFI within the framework of its “parliamentary niche” on November 24. Faced with hundreds of amendments tabled by their opponents on their various texts, the Insoumis had similarly withdrawn a bill proposing an increase in the minimum wage to 1,600 euros net, which had no chance of being adopted, as well as a text calling for the prohibition of bullfighting. Their proposal to include the right to abortion in the Constitution had however been examined and adopted by the National Assembly.


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