Unpaid car tax? It can be canceled


Unpaid car tax? Unpaid fines? A new fiscal peace 2021 is looming with the support decree that the Draghi government is drafting. The ‘amnesty’ can also be useful for distracted or undisciplined motorists. The provision in preparation is a candidate to provide for a maxi amnesty of the old unpaid tax bills.

Among the measures in draft, recalls laleggepertutti.it, the stop to send new tax bills to taxpayers until April 30 (the current term of the state of emergency) and a new excerpt of those that have been stopped for some time. In particular, the deeds that are not paid and that would, in fact, be canceled with a swipe of the sponge are so many as to generate a monstrous overall figure, equal to 60 million euros.

The massive amnesty would concern all the bills sent between 2000 and 2015 up to five thousand euros in amount, including penalties and interest. It also includes expired fines and unpaid car tax, always within this maximum limit and within the reference period indicated. Motorists – both the undisciplined ones, the forgetful ones, and those who are a bit of both – therefore, will not have to pay anything to the tax authorities. With great joy, there is a bet. And it’s not just them who have something to rejoice about.

It seems, in fact, that the new decree, which should see the light by the middle of March, also contains measures regarding the tax bills of an amount exceeding five thousand euros. For these unpaid deeds, the solution under consideration is to allow debtors to pay only the amount of the file, in a deferred manner over two years. All without adding interest or penalties.

Good news therefore for those with these slopes. A little less good for those who, on the other hand, have always paid everything and on time. If the new fiscal peace really translates into a decree in these terms, it would be nothing more than a review of the excerpt which the Conte Uno government had already made.

In that case, however, only the roles from 2000 to 2010 were canceled and for a maximum amount of one thousand euros. Here, however, the amnesty is extended both in terms of timing and figures.


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