“Acid on the next lap for Vittorio Brumotti”. Two threat trappers per process

They would have instigated the hustlers to “throw acid” on Vittorio Brumotti and threatened the envoy and his fiancée to “throw him a party”. A real social hate campaign fomented on the web with photos, songs and shocking phrases that ended up in the file that the Monza Prosecutor’s Office opened against two twenty-year-old Monza trappers, who will now end up on trial.

The court has closed the investigations against Jordan Tinti, a trapper from Monza known as Jordan Jeffrey Baby 23 and Simone Rizzuto, aka Mr Rizzus, for insulting and threatening the popular correspondent of Strip the news, which in April 2019 had made a service against drug dealing in front of the Monza train station. The two trappers were already known to the police for vandalism and insults to institutions and public officials as well as possession of hashish. But to these were added the persecutory acts and the incitement to crime, aggravated by the use of the web, against Vittorio Brumotti for having personally exposed himself against the fight against drug dealing in their city, Monza.

The raids of the Striscia envoy and the report service carried out in April 2019 would have unleashed the anger of the two trapper, who on social networks have started a hate campaign against Vittorio Brumotti. In particular, Tinti, 23, on his Facebook page had invited to pay “acid on the next lap“on the bike trial champion. Immediately after the airing of the service Jordan Jeffrey Baby and Mr Rizzus would start with the first verbal provocations against the champion.

But the two rappers – who in the notice of conclusion of the investigations are defined as associates of a group called ‘Gang 20900’ or ‘Sacra Corona Ferrea’ – would also have used social media to directly threaten the Striscia correspondent “with the gesture of cutting his throat, repeatedly declaring to wait for him ‘to make him the party’ and stating that he also intends to attack his girlfriend“. Videos posted on the web in which, according to the charges, one of the two trappers said:”Brumotti arrived in Monza (…) punch him guys“. Real acts of instigation. All statements and facts reported by the deputy prosecutor Giovanni Tarzia in the final act of the investigations and on the basis of which the indictment of both young people was requested.


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