Actor Ajith Kumar at Chennai Airport (VIDEO)

A video of actor Ajith Kumar arriving at the Chennai airport for shooting is being shared by many people on the internet.

After Nerakonda Pravi and Namath films, actor Ajith Kumar is currently acting in a film tentatively titled as AK 61 under the direction of H. Vinod. The shooting is going on in Chennai and Hyderabad.

In this case, actor Ajith Kumar arrived at the Chennai airport to go to the shoot. Fans who saw him then took pictures with him.

After that, he traveled standing in the bus as a passenger with the passengers. Ajith Kumar’s fans are sharing this video on the internet.

After European tour and Trichy Rifle Club shooting matches, Ajith Kumar’s photos are going viral on the internet.

After the film with Vinod, actor Ajith Kumar will be seen in director Vignesh Sivan’s direction. Fans are expecting that the work will start soon after Vignesh Sivan, who has been on a foreign tour, returns to the country.


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