“China prepares to attack” – Taiwan accuses | “China prepares to attack”


China continues to make military moves to establish its hegemony in the Southeast Asian region. In particular, China has consistently advised the world stage that Taiwan is a part of China and not a separate region. At the same time, the US government continues to say that the US will stand by and protect the autonomy of the Taiwan region.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, who recently had a phone conversation with US President Biden, clearly stated China’s position on the Taiwan issue. He said that Taiwan is a part of China, so the United States should not be involved in activities that undermine China’s sovereignty. He is also reported to have warned that US involvement in the Taiwan issue would be tantamount to playing with fire.

While Russia has already started a war against Ukraine, there is a fear that China will take a similar military action against Taiwan. Meanwhile, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi started her tour of Asian countries on the 1st. It was reported that Nancy will also visit Taiwan during her Asian tour.

China strongly opposed Nancy Pelosi’s visit. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned that if Nancy goes to Taiwan, it will be like interfering in our internal affairs. However, despite China’s opposition, Nancy Pelosi flew to Taiwan.

While China has strongly opposed Nancy Pelosi’s visit, China is currently continuing its military operations near the Taiwan border. The Chinese military is engaged in military exercises near the border with Taiwan by launching sophisticated missiles.

In this situation, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense has accused China of preparing to attack one of Taiwan’s main islands. The Taiwanese government has claimed that various Chinese warships and military aircraft have entered its territory.


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