Churuli movie: ‘If Teri is in English, aha, when she is in Malayalam’; VA Sreekumar on the scroll

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Kochi, First Published Nov 25, 2021, 8:00 PM IST

HLijo Jose Pellissery’s Churuli is one of the most talked about films in Layala cinema recently. Many people came out against the obscene language of the characters in the film. Later the natives of the original scroll came with a complaint. On this occasion, a note shared by the director VA Shrikumar about the film is noteworthy.

Sreekumar says that all the line-ups in Churuli have done well and he will never be able to make such a film by himself. There was a lot of discussion about the language of cinema. Only the phrases required by the film are used. He added that those who feel uncomfortable should not watch the movie. Sreekumar says that the scroll will lead to films that tell the truth about other Indian languages ​​as ‘green’.

Posted by VA Sreekumar

Saw the scroll.

Along with Lijo’s film, Madhu Neelakanthan’s camera is also the factor that brings me closer to the scroll. Madhu’s camera is my favorite. We have worked together on many commercials. There is something that only Madhu can do. In particular, the combination of the scroll of real and at the same time fantasy. The experience of unraveling the unraveling of the myth and the unraveling of the coil is embedded in the film with sight and hearing.

Come to the hearing of the movie itself. The voices are what make the film stand out. The story of Madan telling his sister’s voice to Shajivan at the beginning of the film is told later when they meet. The sound world of the scroll begins with the selection of that female voice. Later, when Antony and Shajivan arrive at the bus stop, they are told by their conversations that they are both policemen and what their assigned mission is. It is through speech that reality is connected to sight. Making is about believing. It is possible to believe that there is a scroll and its people and idiots, because they speak the existing language. Green is telling the story and the thing. That’s a green thing all over the scroll.

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I can not do a movie like this. But I’m the only one who speaks green in life like this. My language does not have any cultured scientificity at some emotional stage. I saw discussions about the language of cinema.

Two unknown men come looking for someone who is hiding. Everyone knew in advance that they were police. It’s natural that Jojo’s character speaks like that in such a storyline. Speaking in ‘decent’ language at the time did not suit the character. The language of the film itself should be used. Only then will there be honesty. There may be those who say they know the roll. If it’s unbearable, just say no. No sense in telling you now – I don’t wanna ruin the suprise. Unravel what our writers have written as movie songs. Many of them are green, aren’t they? Haven’t you heard our kids singing it all from the stage? We also sing it ourselves. None of that has been analyzed. It can only be seen as a controversy to belittle a Malayalee proud director like Lijo. Churuli is debunking the hypocrisy of the Malayalees. We must embrace it.

Some come not only as the voice of power and domination but also as the voice of helplessness and fear. ‘Nainte Mone’ is something we see with our families in theaters without censorship. What does ‘your father is a dog’ mean? It is directly about the mother and the sexuality of the mother. ‘Shit’ – but beggar. When one becomes a beggar, how does one know that condition? These are words that many of us unknowingly call out. Considering the meaning and scope of the teri we call teri, many of what we now call teri do not. The same looms are present in foreign films, including the English we celebrate. ‘If Teri is in English, aha, when she is in Malayalam, Ch’ is a double standard. The looms are what go along with the language and culture.

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There are many different groups on the margins that do not exist as a community. Those who do not vote and are not recognized as citizens. They get there not only because they are criminals. When the law enforcer commits the same crime as the accused who came to investigate, he too falls into the roll.

Apart from the fact that Churuli is a hiding place for criminals, Churuli also raises the question of who is not guilty. When it is said that the language of society is not like this, let us think about what language is used violently in places including marriage. However, it is not an abbreviated phrase used in our films, serials or public events. Rather, it is the same as in the scroll. This is a community where some of the police use Teri as an official language. There is no distinction between the upper castes and the lower castes. Teri is widely used to mentally paralyze and destroy opponents, and to dominate arguments and behavior, including in our frozen office rooms – the culture we proclaim with the language we now call Teri.

It is important as a community that it has created platforms for open discussion about the scroll bar. Open talk is possible instead of covert talk about Teri. Media and online platforms have provided opportunities for prime time counter points. There are debates going on about how criminal the popular loot is.

When Lijo decided to make this film, the decision to cast well-known and newcomer actors like Jojo George, Vinay Fort, Chemban Vinod, Jafar Idukki and Saubin was a brave one. It is also courageous to stand with something brave.

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Glad to know that the scroll is a huge success in terms of number of viewers and financial gain. The scroll is the first film on sonyliv since its opening day. As I write this, that number one position remains. The success of the scroll is sure to lead to more films about lands that are yet to be seen. Churuli will make Satyam ‘green’ films in other Indian languages ​​too. Thanks Team Lijo, for giving #Churuli.

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