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Beijing: China’s leading seafood restaurant bans Food Vlogger in their restaurant. Restaurant officials explain that the ban is due to overeating. Kang, a food vlogger and local, was banned by Handadi Seafood BBQ in Changsha, the capital of China’s Hunan province.

Kang’s style is to go to each restaurant and stream the food live. Because of this he has a huge following. At the same time, Handadi Seafood has told BBQ Kang not to come to their restaurant. This is a restaurant famous for its seafood.

Earlier, Kang had come to eat at the same restaurant and its video was streamed live. It went very viral. The restaurant officials’ eyes were drawn to what Kang had eaten that day. He put 1.5 kg of pork fry inside alone. Next I ate four kilos of shrimp fry which is the main dish of this restaurant. He also drank 20 to 30 bottles of soy milk.
According to restaurant officials, Kang later visited the same restaurant and ate kilos of food. Hunan TV reports that the food was free as a restaurant promotion.

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When this was repeated, the restaurant official said there was no other way. But Kang’s reaction to his ban is also interesting. ‘I eat more, is that a mistake? My policy is to eat without wasting a drop of water. Kang told Hunan TV, which reported the incident, whether it was wrong to implement it.

At the same time, a group of people reacted by saying that the hotel owner had discriminated against the person who came to eat.


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