In Newsstand on the Fatto Quotidiano of 22 October: Brunetta’s experts: “We are incompetent”

5 stars

Conte presents his team “Never with Calenda and the Renziani”

The 5 vice: Taverna, Todde, Gubitosa, Turco and Ricciardi

Until 2027

“Mario forever”: the ultras want to bolt Mr Bce to Palazzo Chigi

Fans. From Nardella to Calenda

The target

Colle, Berlusconi launches: “Draghi will now remain prime minister”

The Caiman. He meets Merkel and plays the part of the federator: he dreams of the Quirinale

COVID-19. Istat numbers

Mortality on as well in 2021: the pandemic is not over

33,000 more deaths were certified even for the first 8 months of 2021 (in 2020, the additional deaths were 45,000). Vaccines decisive but we are not out

Former Undersecretary

Green pass and pro-mayor regulations Lotti pretended to be self-suspended

Investigated. The former minister accused of illegal financing and corruption continues his activity quietly. The Democratic Party does not take any measures

Milan public prosecutor’s office

Eni paid 92 million euros to the company linked to Amara

The case. Another 6.4 million arrived in Armanna through a Nigerian company doing business with the Group, after it softened its accusations

Gender extremists

Hatred, threats, blackmail: this is how the “Alpha males” terrorize Russia

The assaults of the gangs of the “virile state”: an all-female family had to flee to Spain

“Ruby ter”. A siena

B. and the pianist acquitted: only lies, there is no corruption

Acquitted. “The fact does not exist”. Silvio Berlusconi was acquitted yesterday evening in Siena of the accusation of corruption in judicial acts in a minor branch of the Ruby ter trial. The Sienese judges have not considered proven that Berlusconi’s payment to one of the many witnesses of the Ruby trials, namely Danilo Mariani, the silent pianist […]

The interview. Sestino Giacomoni

“I torpedoed as Fi’s leader? He decided, as always “

Sestino Giacomoni, you were the group leader candidate in the Chamber, with a request for a secret vote. Then he retired and his competitor Paolo Barelli won. What happened? The request for a secret vote was to ensure that everyone could express themselves freely. The moment Berlusconi’s letter arrived with the designation […]

The beginnings in common

FdI downloads Michetti. And in Milan no anti-fascist “signature”

“I am not a fascist and I have never accepted irregular or illegal funding for my electoral campaign”. Chiara Valcepina speaks for the first time. Or rather, she should have spoken to the City Council in Milan, where she was elected with the Brothers of Italy, despite a Fanpage investigation testifying to her proximity to far-right circles and […]

Ministry of Education

“My contacts with politicians and ministers”

Whites. The entrepreneur investigated for corruption with Boda: “She should have been appointed to the miur” –

In Chianciano Terme (Siena)

The Refoundation Congress is underway

The XI national congress of the Communist Refoundation opens today in Chianciano Terme, in the province of Siena. After the opening ceremony of the national secretary, Maurizio Acerbo, which will be followed by messages sent by directors Ken Loach and Citto Maselli, there will be speeches by many guests from the Italian but also international left. They will talk, among the […]

The expertise

“Camilla died from a reaction to AstraZeneca”

Genoa. The consultants of the Prosecutor’s Office

No pass Trieste, the event canceled. Puzzer: “Don’t come, it’s a trap”

The “no pass” demonstration scheduled for today at the port of Trieste and for which up to 20,000 people were expected, was canceled yesterday. This was decided by the Coordination 15 October, which had also requested authorization from the Police Headquarters: “In the name of the sense of responsibility that has characterized every initiative against the Green pass and […]

New minutes

“I had entered into Renzian environments through Lotti, Bacci, Tiziano and Verdini”

Milan. The lawyer: “I had to sponsor Descalzi”

Letter to Casellati

Renzi: “The Senate intervenes on the prosecutors of the Open case”

The investigation into the Open Foundation finally arrives in the Senate. Forza Italia senator Fiammetta Modena was charged with instructing a file on Matteo Renzi’s communications ended up in the proceedings of the investigation just closed against the former premier, but also the former ministers Luca Lotti and Maria Elena Boschi, all accused of competition in illicit financing. […]

Tempio Pausania

Rape, Grillo jr. and the other three will choose the ordinary rite in case of indictment

The decision, very painful, was taken at the end of a river meeting, which was attended by all the lawyers of the children involved and their families: it will be an ordinary trial in which the story of the alleged sexual violence of the Tempio Pausania will be decided. , in which Ciro Grillo and his friends are investigated […]


False budgets, the mayor Orlando is also investigated

Mayor Leoluca Orlando, his councilors and managers allegedly falsified the budgets of the Municipality of Palermo between 2016 and 2019. This is the accusation with which the Palermo Public Prosecutor’s Office closed the investigations for false accounting, which in addition to the first citizen involves 23 people, including former councilors, managers, auditors and […]

The entrepreneur Mayor

“Rumors”, “falsehoods”: Brugnaro and the acrobatics to deny his conflicts of interest in Venice

Luigi Brugnaro, mayor of Venice, ends up under the crossfire of minorities due to his conflicts of interest, the many entrepreneurial activities (Humana group and Reyer basketball teams) that would intertwine in an opaque way with the city administration . The leader of Coraggio Italia gets angry, praises himself, defines himself as an “obstinate dreamer”, […]

The decision of the review

Ex Ilva, Commissioner Laghi returns to freedom

The Potenza Review Court ordered the release in freedom of the former extraordinary commissioner of the former Ilva of Taranto, Enrico Laghi, who was under house arrest since last September 27 as part of an investigation coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the capital Lucan. In the same investigation are investigated, among others, the former Prosecutor of the Republic of Taranto, […]

A porter and a worker

Work, another tragic day: two deaths

Yesterday was another tragic day for deaths at work: there were two more in a few hours. Died during the night shift crushed by a truck, Yaya Yafa, 22, a porter with an interim contract, for three days. Originally from Guinea Bissau, he was working in an SDA warehouse at the Interporto, […]

From Calabria

“I bring mozzarella to relatives”. But he had 700 thousand euros in the car

Had he avoided reckless maneuvers he would not have been discovered. But imprudence betrayed a 49-year-old man, most likely a currency courier headed to Switzerland, who hid 700,000 euros in cash in his luggage and mozzarella in his Volkswagen T-Roc. The man told of arriving from Calabria and having to reach relatives […]

“Unitary proposal”

Pensions, union pressure. And Salvini asks for a meeting

On pensions and a quota of 102 yesterday, the leader of the League announced that he will ask for a discussion with the confederal secretaries of the main unions “in order to have a unified proposal that holds everyone’s proposals together”. The solicitation comes after the rejection of the government’s proposals by the CGIL, CISL and UIL, already mobilized against […]

Banking crisis

After the assistance of the EU regulations, Unicredit wants the “gift” Mps

Ad Orcel counts on 10 billion from the state

The hypothesis of 20.30

Annunziata, poisons and discontent in Rai: strip at risk

Rai in turmoil over the hypothesis of a daily news strip entrusted to Lucia Annunziata at 8.30 pm on Rai3, so as to compete with Lilli Gruber on La7. It would be an in-depth analysis of the news of the day to increase the information on Rai, in the intentions of CEO Carlo Fuortes. The problem, however, is that at 20.45 he goes in […]

From Fermi to Paris

The beauty of the chaos that unites the Nobel Prize winners

What physicists. A museum in the capital tells what binds the two Roman scholars: today, as almost a century ago, we are going through a revolutionary period for the practical applications of scientific discoveries


The elections are not certain, but the premier is happy as well

Home conference. For the first time, the summit on the future of the country was held in Tripoli Dbeibeh is credited as a reliable leader; for the vote scheduled for December 24th we will see

United States

The “truth” according to Trump: Truth is the social media of the tycoon

The return. The Donald thinks about the 2024 vote


Appeals for Kavala, Erdogan threatens to expel ambassadors

A few days before the G20 scheduled in Rome, President Erdogan, who will be among the guests, does nothing to contribute to a serene atmosphere, indeed; the Turkish leader has returned to make a big voice with the West, threatening the expulsion of ten ambassadors. The reason is to be found in an international appeal with which […]

The interview. Pietro Marcello

“The imagery has been stolen from young people. And the anger “

The director is in Rome to present “Futura”, a documentary on today’s 15-20 year olds signed with colleagues Francesco Munzi and Alice Rohrwacher


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