Is global temperature increasing due to airplanes? Retired pilot

A London pilot has given up his job to fight climate change.

People from all over the world are affected by climate change. Natural calamities such as extreme rainfall, floods and sudden rise in temperature due to climate change have continuously increased.

In this case, a pilot has resigned from his job knowing that the global temperature is increasing due to air traffic.

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Todd Smith, a pilot from London, has worked as a tourist pilot in European countries. Suffering from a sudden bout of appendicitis in 2018, Smith switched to a plant-based diet on doctor’s advice.

Subsequently, Smith became interested in collecting and reading news stories about the impacts on the environment and was shocked to learn that aviation plays a major role in carbon emissions. He shared his fears with his fellow pilots and resigned from his job to fight against them.

In an interview with a popular news channel, Smith said, “I was shocked by this injustice. He said that 50 percent of the world’s total carbon emissions are emitted by only one percent of the total population.

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Inspired by the activities of social activist Greta Thunberg, Smith has also been involved in climate change protests and continues to raise awareness among the public by creating a movement against climate change.

Smith’s work has been praised by many who say that reducing aviation use can help prevent climate change.


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