Just remember the quarrel with Morgan. I can’t take it anymore, I’m here …

Bugo and it vent on Instagram at the end of the press conference for the presentation of the penultimate evening of the Sanremo Festival today, Friday 5 March.

That constant reference to what happened last year with Morgan made Bugo burst out. After declaring it in an interview, he returned to the subject with a post, in which he asked to stop.

Bugo’s outburst on social media: “Enough, I can’t take it anymore”

“Hi guys, I start from the end saying that I am broken. I say this because I have been reading anything about myself for a year that has nothing to do with music and I have never replied ”begins Bugo.

The singer, aka Cristian Bugatti, refers to the questions asked by journalists during the press conference who always refer to the episode that last year saw him protagonist in a fight on the Ariston stage with his former friend and colleague Morgan .

“When music journalists use as an excuse something that happened more than a year ago to mock me – continues Bugo – then we are beyond the sphere of bar chatter. I’m here at the Festival to talk about music ”.

Bugo refers to questions put to him during the press conference by journalists who always referred to that episode of which much has been said.

“I’m sorry – concluded Bugo – that we don’t talk about this and instead we keep asking ourselves where Bugo is. Bugo is here, I am here, I have never left. I just stepped away from madness and opportunism. Maybe this is not news, nor clicks, but this is me. I’m not the most in tune of all, but I’m certainly more sincere than many “.


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