makapa anand salary: Is makapa anand salary per episode? ஆச்சர்யமான ரசிகர்கள் – vijay tv anchor makapa anand one episode salary revealed

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  • Is the salary of an episode of Makaba Anand one lakh rupees?
  • Fans surprised by the leaked information

Makaba Anand is one of the leading actors who has the ability to host shows to attract the fans. Although he started his career as a radio jockey for something he changed his track a few years later and banged on as a presenter on Vijay TV.

He first started hosting a show called Cinema Karam Coffee with Priyanka. Makaba Anand has now grown to the point of hosting a huge show like Super Singer.

A big list will come if he lists the shows he hosts on Vijay TV. He has starred in many films not only on the iconic screen but also on the silver screen. Everything he failed to achieve as a hero there is a different story.

Currently, the details of the salary for hosting Makaba Anand Vijay TV shows have been revealed. According to reports, Makaba Anand is earning a salary of one lakh rupees per episode.

Although many people are surprised that he is paid so much, fans are saying that he hosts the show that much better.


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