Moscow Mayor’s Office denied information about transfer of photos from to police

The information that the Moscow authorities will transmit photographs of the portal users to the police is incorrect, the press service of the city’s IT department reported.

“The Moscow Department of Information Technologies refutes the information that has appeared in the media about the transfer of personal data to the police from profiles on the portal,” the DIT reported (quoted by RIA Novosti).

This is how the mayor’s office responded to an article in the Kommersant newspaper, in which it was reported that the Moscow government plans to improve the portal of state and municipal services so that users’ photos are uploaded to the facial recognition system used by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The department confirmed that as part of the development of the portal, the service really allows users to upload photos on their own when making applications for a number of government services, in particular, obtaining a hunting ticket.

All photos are stored in the Unified Data Storage and Processing Center (ECDC). They clarified that in order to use the portal, it is not necessary to upload your photo to your personal account. At the same time, the information system, according to DIT, is protected and possesses all the means of protection necessary for storing such information.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the possible transfer of photographs of users of the police portal, said that all the data contained on the portal of state services is transparent and legally available to law enforcement agencies. “All passport data, they are all available to the security forces, there are photographs, and so on, so there is really nothing like that here,” he said.



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