Russian tourists could die in Albania’s hotel due to chlorine

Four Russian tourists died in a hotel sauna in an Albanian village, presumably due to chlorine in the pool. The police said this with reference to a hotel employee, reports the portal Albanian daily News.

“Russian tourists asked to swim in the hotel’s pool, which was closed. <...> On Friday, I cleaned it with chlorine so that vacationers could use it, ”a police officer quoted one of the hotel employees as saying.

He also suggested that the hotel employee used too much cleaning agent. Now chlorine poisoning is considered as the main version in the investigation of the incident, the material says.

Earlier, the Russian Embassy in Albania confirmed the death of two women and two men in a hotel in the Kawai region. The consular department is in constant contact with the law enforcement agencies of the country and is investigating the circumstances of the incident, the Foreign Ministry reported.

Two men and two women were found dead in the hotel’s sauna on 15 October. The dead were 31, 37, 40 and 58 years old. The hotel employee claimed that the victims were relatives, they ordered food and drinks to the sauna. An eyewitness to the incident allegedly tried to call them, and later found the Russians dead, the REN TV Telegram channel reported.

The ABC New Albania TV channel has published a video from the place of death of Russian tourists.



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