Sony announced Mocopi, an affordable and accessible motion capture system for gamers and content creators

Motion capture systems, which accurately translate real-world movements into digital animations, are often an expensive and complicated tool that is not relevant for private users or independent content creators. Mocopi, a new product announced by Sony, promises a revolution in the field: it is a relatively cheap and easy-to-use motion capture system that connects directly to an Android or iOS-based smart phone through a compatible app.

Mocopi consists of six wireless sensors, each of them the size of a coin and weighing only 8 grams. The sensors are designed to be attached using fabric straps to six limbs: head, waist, both ankles and both arms. The system connects wirelessly to a phone standing next to it, and is capable of operating for no less than 10 hours between charges. Charging itself is carried out using a transparent case, and takes about 90 minutes with a standard USB-C connection.

Sony targets the system first and foremost for YouTube content creators, as well as for interaction in virtual meeting rooms through software such as VR Chat. However, at the same time as launching the product itself, Sony is also releasing a development tool kit (SDK) that will allow users to use the Mocopi for anything they can think of: from fitness training to creating professional 3D animation.

The estimated price in Japan, the first country where Sony is launching the product, will be around 360 dollars, and the release date is set for the end of January 2023. It is likely that Sony will soon also announce the details of the global launch of Mocopi.


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