The Champagne Wine Committee decided to resume the supply of champagne to Russia

The Champagne Interprofessional Wine Committee (CIVC) has decided to cancel its recommendation to suspend the export of champagne to Russia, deliveries may begin on September 15, according to BMF TV.

The committee’s decision to suspend exports, taken in July, was related to amendments to Russian legislation, according to which the name “champagne” is now assigned only to goods produced in Russia.

The lifting of the export suspension is a peaceful settlement measure that will prevent the conflict from reaching the World Trade Organization, the CIVS stressed.

“We will respect the new law,” said CIVC Co-Chair Jean-Marie Barillere.

According to him, French winemakers are also interested in not “punishing” Russian consumers, given the upcoming New Year holidays. Russia accounts for about 0.5% of the total champagne supply, but this is an “image market” where products are sold at a very high price, Barilier said.

On July 5, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed amendments to 171-FZ on the regulation of alcoholic beverages. According to the changes, now the name “champagne” can be used only for Russian goods, while imported wines need to be renamed “sparkling wine”. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the word “champagne” from imported bottles, or rather, from the counter-labels, usually located on the back of the bottle, and make changes to the accompanying documentation. The changes took effect on 6 July.



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