The conductor who was working wearing a badge demanding salary was transferred

The conductor who was working wearing a badge demanding salary was transferred

Kottayam: KSRTC conductor Akhila S. said that when life got in the way, she came to work wearing a badge as a struggle for survival. Nair. The income from KSRTC was the sole source of income for the family consisting of husband and son. You have to look after the education expenses of your son who is in 7th standard and household matters. The husband, who is a weekly teacher, does not always have a job.

Akhila told ‘Madhyama’ that she started the strike after seeing the death of one of her colleagues every two weeks. It was decided to wear the badge and work as per the call of the union leaders to adopt different methods of strike. It was an unhindered way of work that did not harm anyone. He did not want to trouble anyone or throw stones at the bus. One of the passengers took a picture and posted it on social media. Due to this, the order to shift the place to Pala depot has not been received. Akhila said that she will not go to work as she was informed by the Vaikom depot that she should not go to work as she has been transferred. Currently looking for work in Pala-Vaikom chain service. Work starts at seven in the morning and ends at nine at night. Akhila is worried that the relocation to Pala will make life more difficult.

On January 11, Akhila went to work as a collectorate service at 8.30 am from Vaikom depot, wearing a badge that said ‘Sampalgeresha seva 41am daniya’. According to the order issued by KSRTC, she was transferred from Vaikom unit to Pala unit on the grounds that she protested against the government and the corporation on her own against the rules to be followed as an employee, which was spread through the new media and thereby defamed the government and the corporation. Akhila is a member of the state committee of BMS Union of KSRTC.

News Summary – ksrtc women conductor transferred for protest


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